"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 6

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 6

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 6


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Westminster Standard
168 pages
The name Westminster Standard is taken from the words "Westminster Standards" being the collective name for the Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechism, the Sum of Saving Knowledge, the National Covenant &c, the Directory for the Public Worship of God, Directory for Family Worship and the Form of Presbyterial Church Government*. There are the doctrinal standards of Presbyterian Churches throughout the world.

Westminster Standard Publications was formed in 1956 by young men in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland Gisborne, New Zealand congregation, to supply a need for sound Christian literature on subjects as they arose. This volume is a reprinted collection of WS articles 41 to 47 and miscellaneous articles.

Contents of Vol. 6

41. What Does it Mean to be Saved? by R.M. M'Cheyne
42. A Message from God to You! by W. MacLean
43. Whiter than Snow by W. MacLean
44. False Liberality Towards the Church of Rome by C. Chiniquy
45. The Scofield Bible, Dispensationalism and the Conversion of the Jews by W. MacLean
46. The Absence of the Sense of Sin in Present-Day Religion by J.S. Sinclair
47. The Mass by L. Boettner


The Existence of God by A.W. Pink
The Plan of Salvation by C. Hodge
For Whom Did Christ Die? By John Owen
God's Sovereignty by A.W. Pink
Election by W. Huntington
Addressing God in Prayer and Worship by T. Ernest Wilson
Revivalists by C.H. Spurgeon
Graven Images by P. Mahan
Church Music by John Calvin
Church Socials by John Kennedy
A Time to Dance
The Church Walking with the World
About Xmas by A.W. Pink
'Tis a Point I Long to Know by John Newton
When Does the Sabbath Begin? by J. Dodson
Praying for the Dead?
Will a Secret Rapture Precede the Second Coming of Christ? by Dr. G.B. Fletcher
Minced Oaths by Dr. G.H. Seville
Is the Church of Rome a True Church of Christ? by Dr. T.E. Peck
Peter a Pope?
Fish on Fridays?
Contend for the Faith by R. Haldane
A Head-Covering in Public Worship? by T.H. Brown
Salvation is of the Lord by C.H. Spurgeon

*Free Presbyterian Publications has collected these documents together in one volume available on the website.