"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 3

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 3

Westminster Standard Publications Vol. 3


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Westminster Standard
246 pages
The name Westminster Standard is taken from the words "Westminster Standards" being the collective name for the Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechism, the Sum of Saving Knowledge, the National Covenant &c, the Directory for the Public Worship of God, Directory for Family Worship and the Form of Presbyterial Church Government*. There are the doctrinal standards of Presbyterian Churches throughout the world.

Westminster Standard Publications was formed in 1956 by young men in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland Gisborne, New Zealand congregation, to supply a need for sound Christian literature on subjects as they arose. This volume is a reprinted collection of WS publications 17 to 29.

Contents of Vol. 3

17. The Broad-Minded Captain by G. Liebenrood
18. Seventh Day Adventism-Of God or of Satan? By W. MacLean
19. God's Sovereignty Displayed in the Salvation of Sinners by J. Kennedy
20. Cheerful Piety, or Religion without Gloom by J. Berridge
21. Christ or Anti-Christ? By W. MacLean
22. Mormons by W. MacLean
23. "Jehovah's Wtinesses" by W. MacLean
24. Easter, Lent, Christmas and the Cross by W. MacLean
25. The Scripturalness of Infant Baptism and of Sprinkling in Baptism by W. MacLean
26. Pentecostalism-Of God or of Satan? by W. MacLean
27. The Exaltation of Christ by D. MacFarlane
28. On the Sabbath, or Lord's Day by G. Burder
29. Arminianism-Another Gospel? by W. MacLean

*Free Presbyterian Publications has collected these documents together in one volume available on the website.