"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4

The Peep of Day, Special Offer: £6.99 (RRP: £9.50)

The Peep of Day, Special Offer: 6.99 (RRP: 9.50)

The Peep of Day, Special Offer: £6.99 (RRP: £9.50)


Price: 6.99

F.L. Mortimer
156 pages
Here is a book for young children through which they may learn some of the simpler truths of the Bible. In simple, straight-forward language Mrs Mortimer tells the little ones about the Creation, about the birth of Christ, His miracles, His death, and much more. This book has already served several generations of children. In this attractive new format it should prove its value for today's children - and for hard-pressed parents who wish to pass on to their children the simplest teachings of the Bible. This edition has been thoroughly revised for greater usefulness today, and a new set of illustrations supplied.