"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4

The Child's Story Bible

The Child's Story Bible

The Child's Story Bible


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Catherine Vos
Banner of Truth
832 pages
Catherine Vos’ "Child’s Story Bible" combines qualities which are not generally found together: she appeals to the interest and imagination of children without sacrificing fidelity to the text of Scripture; she uses the stories to impress great doctrinal truths, uniting the element of enjoyment with instruction; and she takes the sombre warning passages of the word of God as well as those which call for admiration and trust in the Saviour around whom children once gathered upon earth.

Suitable to be read to children aged 3+, and read by children aged 7+ by themselves. Also suitable for all adults who wish to refresh themselves of the overarching narrative of the biblical story.

This edition includes 26 colour illustrations by Neil McArdle and readers will be interested to know that there are no images of Christ in the book.

NOTE: This is a revised, one-volume edition of Vos' work which originally appeared in three volumes. The Bible version used in this edition has been changed from the ASV (American Standard Version) of the original edition to the ESV (English Standard Version).