"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4

Christ and His Threefold Office

Christ and His Threefold Office

Christ and His Threefold Office


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John Flavel
Reformation Heritage Books
160 pages
Flavel explores the glory of Christ becoming a man "to qualify and prepare Him for a full discharge of His mediatorship, in the office of our Prophet, Priest, and King."

"Salvation," says Flavel, "is revealed by Christ as a Prophet, procured by Him as a Priest, applied by Him as a King. In vain it is revealed, if not purchased; in vain revealed and purchased, if not applied."

Flavel’s treatment of the subject is polemical when necessary and painstakingly detailed when he believes the truth is at stake. It is an act of adoration, of meditations upon "the transcendent excellency of Jesus Christ."

This treatment of the Mediator's threefold office is extracted and abridged from Flavel's classic "The Fountain of Life".